-One Channel data bus by small footprint package
      -Up to 4 CEs supported
      -ECC protect up to 70 bit ( configurable ) by 1K bytes
      -2xnm, 2ynm, 1xnm, 1ynm, 1znm : SLC / MLC / TLC types NAND Flash supported
      -ONFI 2.1 spec. interface supported
      -Toggle DDR interface supported
      -Compliant with USB 3.0 spec. version 1.0
      -Compliant with USB 2.0 spec. backward compatible with USB1.1
      -Compliant with USB Mass Storage Class spec. version 1.0
      -High performance 8051 with hardware acceleration DMA
      -F/W off-load engine embedded
      -1.2V low power consumption design
      -LED indicator to show link status and r/w traffic
      -Customized VID/ PID and serial number
      -Built-in LDO regulator
      -Built-in 25Mhz Crystal
      -Package: QFN 48 (6x6 mm)


      -USB Flash Drive, NAND Flash Controller for devices